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Azure Framework

For some customers, getting on-board and embracing the benefits of cloud can be as simple as signing up for an Azure subscription with a credit card. For others, especially those who operate in highly regulated industries like finance, health and government, things aren't necessarily as straightforward.

These industries desperately want to take advantage of the benefits that cloud has to offer, but doing so without the right strategy, configuration and processes - an Azure Framework - in place prior to adopting can result in some of the benefits around cost, optimisation and security being lost. Most importantly, enterprise IT needs to ensure that data and systems are effectively protected.

oobe, in conjunction with Microsoft, has worked to solve this problem by creating a ready-made architectural framework, targeted towards regulated industries, that smooths the way for cloud adoption - helping you tick all of the right boxes from the word go.

The prospect of a cloud subscription with no guard rails is daunting. Having worked with federal government for more than 10 years, oobe understands the guard rails required to meet the security and legal requirements placed on regulated organisations. In order to address these requirements, oobe has developed a cloud on-boarding engagement designed to provide you with a solid foundation you can confidently build upon.

Initially developed by Microsoft, and now extended by oobe, the framework is based on practices gathered from many engagements with clients of various sizes. Those clients range from small organisations developing solutions in the cloud to Fortune 500 enterprises and independent software vendors who are migrating and developing solutions in the cloud. The enterprise framework is "purpose-built" to be flexible thereby supporting both traditional IT workloads in addition to agile workloads; such as, developers creating software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications based on Azure capabilities.

oobe are the Azure experts

The Azure Framework is a fundamental piece of oobe's Azure Secure Route offering developed exclusively for government. Contact oobe at to schedule a free consultation or call us on 1300 753 707 to talk to an Azure expert.