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Secure Route

Azure Secure Route, developed jointly by both oobe and Microsoft, builds on the Azure Framework, and provides a secure, controlled and dedicated connection between an on-premises environment and the Azure Australia Central 1 and 2 regions*. It enables organisations to deploy individual workspaces, or subscriptions, in Azure, whilst still adhering to corporate IT policies and is designed to meet the security and legal requirements placed on highly regulated organisations.

oobe deploys Azure Secure Route for organisations so that they can have confidence that their network, applications, infrastructure and data will remain secure and still be able to realise the full potential of the Azure cloud. Azure Secure Route builds upon on the hub and spoke foundation provided by Microsoft’s Virtual Data Centre model, and securely extends the perimeter of your on-premises network into the cloud using a dedicated gateway hub. Equally as important, it also enforces and monitors compliance by wrapping the entire customer presence in the cloud with pre-defined policies, controls and standards.

Each spoke, or workspace, is connected and routed through the central gateway hub. Any communication to or from an Azure-hosted workspace to either the on-premises network, the internet or other permitted Azure services is controlled, filtered and monitored via the central hub. Using only security-cleared cloud specialists, oobe provides the ongoing monitoring and management of the Azure Framework and Azure Secure Route, ensuring the enforcement and compliance of the service for our customers with classified or highly sensitive environments.

Connectivity between your on-premises environment and Azure Secure Route in the Azure Australia Central regions can be provided by ExpressRoute, ICON and complimented with a VPN depending on your security requirements.

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